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Pinkish Black
Razed to the Ground
CD, Digital

Jon Teague
Daron Beck
(vocals, synthesizer)

Dark, abrasive, yet hauntingly beautiful, the music of Pinkish Black has defied easy definition or description since their turbulent birth in 2011. The Fort Worth, TX duo of Jon Teague (drums and synths)
and Daron Beck (keyboards and vocals) released their self-titled debut in 2012 on Handmade Birds.

Favorable reviews and a stunning live show led to their signing with Century Media, who released their second album, Razed to the Ground, in 2013. Once again, the release was met with favorable press and this time led to a nationwide tour with Kylesa. Reviews cite as sonic touchstones such divergent and varied artists as Swans and Magma, Scott Walker and The Birthday Party; but Pinkish Black is more than a simple formula or grab bag of influences. When describing their debut, critic Adrien Begrand put it thusly:

"more disturbing and harsh than any metal album this year could ever hope to sound, more atmospheric than any 'goth' record to come out as of late, something completely defying description and genre placement." Propulsive and pensive, coldly detached yet utterly harrowing, Pinkish Black is, in the end, positive music from the darkest of places.